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Boyons[1] are yellow, gelatinous creatures that only appear in Super Metroid.


Boyons appear to be made of an extremely resilient mucus-like substance, as it takes numerous Bombs, Super Missiles or Power Bombs to kill them. No other weapons are capable of harming the organisms. They will rest quietly at the bottom of a small hole until something approaches. At that point, they will repeatedly bounce up from their hole until the offending creature leaves. When active, Boyons have many thin pseudopods constantly stretching out from the main spherical body.

It is recommended to freeze Boyons with the Ice Beam, turning these creatures into harmless platforms. In one instance, Samus freezes several Boyons to "fill in" several gaps in the floor so she can dash across it and Shinespark.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Enemy Data Description
Color HP ATK E BE M SM PB Crateria/Brinstar/Norfair/Maridia. Freeze them in place with the Ice Beam.
Normal 1000 10 8 4 33 2 2



  • Recycled Boyon sprites with gray coloration are used as Draygon's gummy spit.
  • Boyons greatly resemble the X Parasites seen in Metroid Fusion, though the former are not translucent and do not contain glowing nuclei in their centers. Boyons have many thin pseudopods, while the X have few thick pseudopods. In trailers for Fusion showing beta footage, the sprites used for the X are Boyon sprites, recolored purple.