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Brain blast

The brain blast[1] is a purple beam attack used by Mother Brain in Metroid: Zero Mission.

This attack is used by the Mother only in Zero Mission, which changes her appearance, attacks and weaknesses from the original Metroid. In Metroid, Mother did not attack Samus herself and instead relied on the Rinkas and Cannons in the Zebesian Command Center. This provides her with at least one offensive option, although admittedly it is not much better.

After the Control Capsule is destroyed by Samus, Mother Brain will start to counter her with this attack. When unleashing a brain blast, Mother Brain will squeeze her eye shut and charge energy for two seconds (while flashing purple), before releasing a purple horizontal projectile at Samus. Mother uses this attack after its eyeball is hit with five Missiles (three on Hard Mode) or two Super Missiles (1 on Hard). Mother also prepares to use it if Samus falls into the lava below, and immediately fires it at her as soon as she gets back up. While charging a brain blast, Mother Brain is impervious to damage. This attack can be considered a precursor or basis to the much more powerful Laser Brain Attack that Mother uses during her second battle with Samus in Super Metroid. Mother occasionally also fires a small beam similar to that of the Zebesians during the latter battle, though it is even weaker than the brain blast.


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