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"Multiple mutations will cause a Metroid to grow into an even larger and more powerful adversary."

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The Breeding Room is a room in the Biosphere. It is full of plants. Samus Aran is cautious when she first enters the room. She looks at the corpse of a Lab Worker, whose lab coat is stained with green blood. Samus states that the scientist was attacked by a different creature than the one who killed another scientist in the BOTTLE SHIP Control Room, as the latter was stained with green blood. She also states that she felt something in the air, a "dark intelligence".

It was later revealed that the room belonged to Little Birdie. MB states that the scientist was brutually slaughtered when little birdie played dead to lure him into his cage. Afterwards, the body was consumed and Little Birdie escaped.

After Samus leaves the room, the door locks and the Breeding Room cannot be visited again.

Samus monologueEdit

The large, cagelike booth looked like something had been raised in it, and in one corner was the miserable form of a researcher's corpse. This victim hadn't sustained the same injuries; the dead I'd seen had been torn apart by something large. This one had been attacked by a different type of creature. And as I studied the violence this creature had wrought, I felt something in the air—the presence of a dark intelligence.

—Samus Aran


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