The Breeding Room is a room in Sector 1 / Biosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The Breeding Room was used for the study of Little Birdie, a small creature kept by the ringleaders as a pet, since its small size made it unsuitable as a bioweapon for the special-forces unit.

This room consists of three parts. The first is an entrance with a closed observation window in the center wall, and a desk with multiple computer screens and a chair to the right. This area is a research space for observations of Little Birdie.[1]

The mauled Lab Worker corpse.

The second part of the room has nothing of importance physically, but was used as a quarantine room of sorts when researchers needed to enter the holding cage. They would enter this space, open the door, and enter the cage to keep Little Birdie from escaping.[1]

The third part is the holding cage. In it are multiple plants, including green and red ferns, a tree with a porous texture, another large tree or rock that appears to be curved, and grasses. The former tree is alive, and produces Little Birdie's favorite fruit, but only in small sizes. According to Gallery Mode concept art, this meant Little Birdie was dissatisfied, and it may have played a role in his escape. He is later seen attempting to eat a much larger fruit in the nearby rainforest.[1]

Unlike most environments of the BOTTLE SHIP, which simulates natural flora and fauna through holographic generators, the plants in this room appear to be real.


When Samus first enters the room, the camera shifts to a perspective over her shoulder. When she steps into the second part of the room, a cutscene begins where she cautiously enters the holding cage, and discovers a Lab Worker's corpse, whose coat is stained with green blood. In a monologue, Samus analyzes the scientist and determines that he was attacked by a different creature than the one who killed another scientist in the BOTTLE SHIP Control Room. Standing up, she mentions feeling "the presence of a dark intelligence" in the air.

Samus remains in an over-the-shoulder perspective, now with her Arm Cannon raised, until she leaves the room. After Samus leaves, the door locks and the Breeding Room cannot be visited again.

Much later in the story, when MB, posing as Madeline Bergman is asked about the scientist in this room, she states that the room belonged to Little Birdie. It played dead to lure the scientist into his cage, and brutally murdered him, then devoured his body and escaped. A vision plays of the real Madeline and two other scientists standing over the body, while the faux Madeline - MB - watches. Shortly after this, MB was taken for reprogramming, causing her to revolt.

Samus monologue[]

The large, cagelike booth looked like something had been raised in it, and in one corner was the miserable form of a researcher's corpse. This victim hadn't sustained the same injuries; the dead I'd seen had been torn apart by something large. This one had been attacked by a different type of creature. And as I studied the violence this creature had wrought, I felt something in the air—the presence of a dark intelligence.

—Samus Aran

Connecting rooms[]