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The breeding cage is a room in the Bioweapon Research Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room housed the BOTTLE SHIP's Queen Metroid, while her offspring were genetically modified to remove their vulnerability to cold and kept in Sector Zero. The room connects to Room MW and another large room via blast doors, which can be opened from a small terminal in a chamber within Room MW. There are also small human-sized hatches into the breeding cage. Whether any researchers entered the cage using the hatches to conduct studies on the Queen Metroid is unknown, but unlikely unless they were somehow able to tame the monster.

Samus finds several hatched eggs.

The floor is covered in the Queen's amniotic fluid, with at least seven hatched Metroid Eggs scattered around. The Queen steps on and crushes some of them as she emerges from the cage. Later, when Samus is able to freely explore the cage, she finds many more hatched eggs toward the back of the room. Aside from a lined pattern on the walls, the breeding cage has no other noteworthy features.


Samus ventures to Room MW to locate a survivor that Adam had discovered. On her way there, a cutscene shows the Queen somehow being released into the other room, where she kills a heavily wounded clone of Ridley. After Samus finds the survivor, she panics and begs Samus to stay away, before opening the blast doors. Samus approaches the open doors and cautiously walks inside, discovering the hatched eggs.

Wait... Metroid eggs?! It can't be!


Soon after, the Queen appears and attempts to attack Samus, who SenseMoves backwards into Room MW. The Queen follows her and the two battle until Samus deploys a Power Bomb in the beast's stomach. The explosion tears open the woman's hiding place, and she runs from Samus into the now empty breeding cage. Samus gives chase, eventually cornering her in the control room.

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Gallery Mode[]

"Unaware, Samus enters the breeding cage, and with that, the Queen Metroid appears. Naturally, as it rushes at her, there is a feeling of hopeless panic."[1]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 133
"Exit the Navigation Booth room and go up the stairs into the Room MW. The room is lined by several small chambers, each of them locked. Examine the interior of each room until you find one that is occupied. When you do, the lady in the cell panics and opens a nearby hatch on your side of the door.
Go through the hatch to find out what is inside. As you enter, you can see several open Metroid eggs littered about. In the distance, you can hear a great loud stomping, but the room is dark, so you can’t see what is creating the groundshaking noise. As you trek deeper into the darkness, something very large comes creeping out...."
Page 135
"The blast destroyed Room MW and shook loose the door that sealed the strange woman in her cell. As the dust settles, she tries to escape via a nearby hatch. Chase her down!"