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The "broken Statue room" is a room in Norfair. It only appears in Metroid: Zero Mission and did not exist in Metroid or Super Metroid.


This room is optional to explore. It can only be visited after Ridley is defeated, when the monster busts in the previous room fall off the wall, therefore opening a path to this room. It is constructed out of blue material, with numerous square tiles on the wall in the background.

As the name implies, the room contains a partially destroyed, standing Chozo Statue. It is seen decapitated through unknown means, with parts of its head and left shoulder found on the floor. It is not functional as with other statues on Zebes, and there is no trace of a power-up. Given that the Chozo Statues which lead to power-ups match the color scheme of the statue holding that item, it would seem that this statue was meant to lead to the Screw Attack, since that statue is colored the same shade of grey. Depending on whether Sequence Breaking was done, Samus may have obtained the Screw Attack before or after coming to this room, rendering the statue meaningless.

Because it is non-functional, all Samus can do is move past it and through a small gap in the wall behind. This leads to another wall of Screw Attack Blocks, behind which is a Morph Ball launcher. If Samus has not obtained the Screw Attack or is skipping it, she can shoot through the floor here, and fire a Missile at a block on the highest part of the wall, to reveal a second Ball launcher that shoots her up to the first launcher. That launcher fires Samus through the floor of the "path of vines" as a one-way shortcut.

Through an open gap in the bottom left is an exit into a long tunnel that stretches underneath Norfair. It ends in a stretching hallway with yet another Morph Ball launcher.

Despite not containing a power-up or a functioning Chozo Statue, the Silence theme plays when in this room.

Connecting rooms[]

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"When you get to the top of the elevator shaft, the wall to the right will collapse, giving you access to an area where you'll find a broken Chozo Statue. Advance past the statue, then break through the floor to a new corridor."
"You'll see a Morph Ball launcher on the right side of the unmapped area. If you want to deviate from the path to the Screw Attack and find a shortcut to the save room, fire a missile at the upper-right block below the launcher to reveal a passage. Then roll right to a different launcher and blast off to the original launcher."