Bryyo Fire is a region eastward on Bryyo, important to the Galactic Federation due to its large Fuel Gel reserves. After a Leviathan crashed down on the planet, the Federation sent the bounty hunter Rundas to investigate, and lost contact with him in this area. The GF would then send in Samus Aran to learn what happened to him and complete his mission.

Bryyo Fire was likely a temple for the Reptilicus, before it became a Fuel Gel station. Many statues and ornamental displays are littered around the landscape. It is somewhat difficult to determine what was originally made by the Reptilicus and what is Galactic Federation made, due to the same color of material used.


Fuel Gel is found in great abundance in Bryyo Fire.

Perhaps both the most notable and most defining features of the Bryyo Fire landscape are the rivers and lakes of hazardous fuel gel. Because of the gel's presence, much of the region is dedicated to harvesting and refining the product for use as starship fuel.

Bryyo Fire contains many winding passages. The only Warp Site on Bryyo is found here, leading to Bryyo Ice, a frozen area on the dark side of the planet. Some ice also appears around the portal in Bryyo Fire, although it is unknown if Rundas created it or not.

Notable locations[]


Almost all of the local wildlife is Fuel-Gel-based. Some creatures are merely able to survive in it, while others actually consume the substance. Reptilicus are common in this area, however no Reptilicus Hunters are ever seen. Due to the introduction of Phazon into the ecosystem via the Leviathan, some of the creatures had become reliant on Phazon instead of Fuel Gel. Gelbugs are common, along with their underdeveloped Shelbug offspring. Warp Hounds appear in large packs in various important rooms, usually along with Reptilicus. Non-aggressive organisms are also prevalent, such as Gel Rays and Scorchbugs. Here is a list of all the creatures that appear in Bryyo Fire:




The music heard in Bryyo Fire is arranged similarly to the Lava Caves (Burning Trail) theme in Metroid Prime.