Prior to the Age of War, Bryyo had many dynasties where emperors or empresses would rule the entire planet, or perhaps just those in the Royal City. The Imperial Hall in Bryyo Fire contains numerous busts of the rulers, and Samus can access a GF Database that informs her of all the rulers of these dynasties.

The empress Hixxn I was the fourth of the B-Eaxul dynasty, although her three predecessors are unknown. The emperor Sviin'Ka was the second of the Dynsha dynastly, but his predecessor is also unknown. The empress Owanl I was the third ruler of the C-Clomn dynasty, preceded by two unknown individuals, succeeded by an unknown fourth and the fifth emperor Kilnnh II. The emperor Amtti VI was the eighth ruler of the M-Gefth dynasty, preceded by seven unknown individuals, and succeeded by emperor Amtti VII. Finally, the S-Shar dynasty was first ruled by emperor Vymsz II, and he was succeeded by five unknown individuals, and then emperor Oamus I as seventh. The chronological order of these dynasties is unknown. The final emperor of Bryyo was Andest I, of an unknown dynasty.


B-Eaxul dynasty[]

"GF Database accessed. File BY-445
Stonework represents Hixxn I, the 4th empress of the B-Eaxul dynasty."

Dynsha dynasty[]

"GF Database accessed. File BY-281
Stonework represents Sviin'Ka, the 2nd emperor of the Dynsha dynasty."

C-Clomn dynasty[]

"GF Database accessed. File BY-441
Stonework represents Owanl I, the 3rd empress of the C-Clomn dynasty."

"GF Database accessed. File BY-447
Stonework represents Kilnnh II, the 5th emperor of the C-Clomn dynasty."

M-Gefth dynasty[]

"GF Database accessed. File BY-442
Stonework represents Amtti VI, the 8th emperor of the M-Gefth dynasty."

GF Database accessed. File BY-444
Stonework represents Amtti VII, the 9th emperor of the M-Gefth dynasty."

S-Shar dynasty[]

"GF Database accessed. File BY-440
Stonework represents Vymsz II, the 1st emperor of the S-Shar dynasty."

"GF Database accessed. File BY-446
Stonework represents Oamus I, the 7th emperor of the S-Shar dynasty."

Andest I[]

"GF Database accessed. File BY-448
Stonework represents Andest I, the last emperor of Bryyo."


  • All busts of Bryyonian emperors and emperors found in the Imperial Hall are designated in the GF database as BY-440 through BY-448. However, none of these busts has the designation BY-443. Sviin'Ka's bust in the Gel Refinery Site has the number 281 instead, for unclear reasons.