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Samus approaches the Bryyonian Labor Golem.

The Bryyonian Labor Golem is a kind of Bryyonian Golem in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Samus Aran encounters one in the Falls of Fire room in Bryyo Cliffside during her mission. These golems have a Bomb Slot in their belly that can be used by Samus to activate them. It will then charge at the wall behind it, destroying it. It will then jump down a long shaft leading to the Hidden Court, and release Samus. Unlike the majority of Golems Samus encounters that have just enough residual power left in them to accomplish their required task before shutting down permanently, the Labor Golem in Falls of Fire will continue to function, so that Samus has a transport back and forth (although she is not required to use it more than once). When she wishes to go up the shaft, the golem will Wall Jump up to the top.

These golems are smaller and were the most commonly used before the Great Schism. They are roughly around 11 feet tall and are distinguished from their larger counterpart by their greater girth, navel, and a horn on their snout much like a rhinoceros. Labor Golems are typically used for manual labor and are capable of moving extremely heavy objects. At least two Labor golems are capable of breathing fire and ice and another, harnessing electricity in the Hall of the Golems.


"Bryyonian Labor Golem appears deteriorated but still functional. A concussive blast may activate it."