The Burn Dome is a chamber located in the Chozo Ruins on Tallon IV, which is seen in Metroid Prime. It holds the Incinerator Drone and a nest full of Barbed War Wasps; these creatures can be found in no other rooms in the game. After defeating the Incinerator Drone, the Morph Ball Bombs are acquired. A block of sandstone in a wall, once destroyed, allows Samus to access a smaller chamber by rolling into a small tunnel that the sandstone was concealing; this contains a Missile Expansion.


Connecting roomsEdit

Burn Dome

Samus battles the Incinerator Drone.


Morph Ball Bomb
This is found inside the Incinerator Drone, and is revealed after the battle with the Incinerator Drone.
Missile Expansion
This can be found by taking a Morph Ball tunnel after the fight. Its entrance is blocked by sandstone, so a bomb must be used to gain access.


"Structural weaknesses detected throughout wall."


  • Even though the Hazard Meter shows danger from the poisoned water underneath certain parts of the floor, it is impossible to touch the water.
  • Map data refers to this room as "Monkey_Lower", likely indicating a connection to the unused BloodMonkey character.


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