Strike a blow for the fallen. Let their deaths be not in vain.

—Returning the Sky Temple Key

C-Rch was a male Luminoth Keybearer that appeared in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. He died in the Dynamo Works room of the Sanctuary Fortress; like most of the Keybearers, he died fighting the Ing. He is called judicious in one of A-Kul's clues, but no other qualities of the Luminoth are mentioned in game.

Logbook entries[edit | edit source]

C-Rch's Testament

Temporary scan

Luminoth Datapac translated.
(C-Rch's Testament)
Data transferred to your Logbook for further review.

Logbook entry

Let this be the final testament of warrior C-Rch. I have no more shells for my weapons. For the enemy, I have naught but the blade and fist. Let them come. They wait in the works, hissing and slithering like beasts. Let them. When my war cry comes, there will be a dread, final reckoning. Come forth, hated enemy. Let there be an end!

C-Rch's Key

Temporary scan

Hear the words of A-Kul, that you may find a key lost to our cause.

Logbook entry

Judicious C-Rch. In a small corridor within the depths of a high fortress, he lies silently.

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