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The "caged Sidehopper hall" is a room in Kraid's Lair. It appears, with differences between versions, in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


In both games, this is a corridor directly on the right of the lair's entrance shaft through a Red Hatch. The corridor contains a Missile Tank and leads into the upper rightmost shaft in Kraid's Lair.

In Metroid, this shaft's floor is filled with acid and can only be safely navigated through a series of small platforms in midair. The platforms eventually give way to a group of seven midair pedestals that are spread out like stairs. Atop the central one is a Missile Tank. Should Samus fall in between the pillars, she can morph and roll underneath them in the acid to escape, assuming she has enough energy to survive. Beyond the pillars is a small alcove of dry land, with one small gap in the floor containing acid. The left side of the room features wall tiles that resemble blue rings with a light blue center. The ceiling above the pedestals is composed of tiny metal tiles, while the rightmost side of the room is made of blue brick, chain and solid tiles.

In Zero Mission, the room's general appearance has been altered, but it still features the acid, midair platforms and pedestals, and Missile Tank exactly where it was in the original game. The walls, ceiling and floor are now a solid combination of light and dark purple with etchings spread throughout. Ruins and cacti-like plants can be seen in the background. It is longer than the original game as the portion after the acid has been lengthened. The ceiling and floor narrows in two parts of this path, and are blocked by walls of Fake Blocks, in between which are two Sidehoppers each. In between these narrowed "cages" is a larger alcove with an Air Hole in the center of the floor. This spawns Geegas two at a time. To proceed, Samus must kill the Sidehoppers. On return visits, only two Sidehoppers are present.

Connecting rooms[]



Zero Mission[]

  • 4 Sidehoppers (2 on later visits)
  • Geegas spawning two at a time indefinitely from 1 Air Hole


Missile Tank
On a pedestal above the acid in both games.

Official data[]

Victory Techniques for Metroid dialogue[]

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Samus: I checked the first cave to the right. Found a Missile container!

Guide: However, be cautious, as enemies will attack even in the water. [sic]

Samus: If I fell in, it would be difficult to escape!

What the guide calls "water" is actually acid.[1]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

071 missile tank (pg. 44)
"Open the red hatch to the right of the elevator and hop across platforms to avoid contact with the bubbling lava. [sic] You'll find a Missile Tank along the way."
072 BLAST FIRST (pg. 44)
"Two large enemies bounce around a small space near the end of the area's longest corridor. Break at least one of the groups of blocks between you and the enemies, then use the Ice Beam and missiles to defeat the beasts before they escape."
"A steady stream of enemies pours out of the pipe near the right end of the long corridor. Fire at the creatures as they appear, and pillage the energy and missiles that they leave behind."

What the guide calls "lava" is actually acid.