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It's all about getting to grips with nudging. Just at the instant when you think you've lost your ball, a well-timed nudge can occasionally send the ball back up above the flippers. In pinball, it's a move you refer to as a 'bangback', but it only works once in a while. Another one is when the ball is rolling along a flipper which is pointed downwards, a nudge can pass the ball over to the other flipper. If you can do this at will, it makes it much easier to aim the ball at where you want it to hit.

—Cai Remrod

Cai Remrod

Cai Remrod is a British video game developer whose focus has been on pinball games. To this end, he is a collector of pinball machines, and has rented two squash courts to store at least 100 machines. From 2003-2009 Remrod worked for Fuse Games as part of the development team for Metroid Prime Pinball. He participated in a developer interview regarding the project.

According to Keisuke Terasaki, Remrod made most of the decisions about which Metroid elements would be used in the game. Terasaki commented that only Remrod could pull off "nudging", and that he had seen Remrod playing on a pinball machine.

Prior to working at Fuse Games, Remrod worked for Empire Interactive on Pro Pinball: Big Race USA and Fantastic Journey.[1] Remrod did not always work in the video games industry. From 1994-99, he was the key account manager of Sanmina-Segerstrom & Svensson (a manufacturing and technology company), and the senior account manager of Marconi PLC (a telecommunications firm) from 1999-2002. He speaks German, Japanese and Swedish. Remrod is currently the director of Jackdaw Games Company.[2]

It is possible that he is married or related to Sophia Remrod, who is credited in Pinball under Fuse thanks.


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