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Operating a turret

A Marine operates the first Canon in M05: Excavation.

Cannons are a mounted armament created by the ancient Bion race, for the purpose of protecting their wisdom from "those unworthy of it". In Metroid Prime: Federation Force, they can be used by the Federation Force to destroy debris or enemies. This makes them similar to the "Vigilance" Class Turrets encountered in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Cannons are usable during M05: Excavation and M12: Last Stand. They have a long cooldown period in between blasts.

In M05, there are two Cannons. The first appears in a wide cavern, where its primary use is in destroying a rock wall covering the exit. It can also be used to destroy rubble and rock pillars around the room to complete the mission's bonus objective, or attack Fire Hoppers near the rock wall. Another Cannon is present later in the mission, where it is particularly useful in destroying a Collosun. It can then be used to destroy more rubble in the room for the bonus objective, or attack invading Space Pirates.

In M12, a Cannon is present in front of the unmanned probe that the Federation Force is protecting. This Cannon can be used to attack the Rohkor Beetle, although its long cooldown period can be a liability.

Dedicated terminalEdit

Bion Log: Cannon
To protect our wisdom from those unworthy of it, we have installed an object of war, capable of firing shells at the offenders."

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