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A cannon is an object present in Zipline Station Bravo. It serves the purpose of giving Samus a shortcut back to the Transit Hub, as she can enter it in Morph Ball form to be launched back there. The cannon is located on the side of the Zipline Cable that is accessed via the Aurora Lift pod. Initially, the hatch that Samus can enter is blocked by a safety cap with four locking mechanisms on it. Once Samus acquires the Seeker Missiles, she can remove the locks, igniting cords connecting to the cap. The cap will then explode and Samus can use the cannon. Upon entering the cannon, it will automatically fire her towards the Transit Hub.

This is a one-way shortcut back to the hub, and no mechanism exists on the other side that can transport her back, so she will have to backtrack if she wishes to return. Unlike conventional cannons in the real world, this one appears to propel projectiles via a charged energy blast. On its side is a mechanism in the shape of a fan or protractor, which generates charged energy before the cannon fires. A rotating Chozo Artifact symbol appears on three points of this mechanism as it is charging. This cannon's ornate design suggests it was created by the Chozo. Its original purpose during the Chozo and Elysian occupations of SkyTown is unknown.

Scans[edit | edit source]

Safety cap
"Safety cap is blocking access. All connected targets must be shot simultaneously to destroy cap."
Cannon (blocked)
"Cannon access is blocked. Remove the safety cap to enter and use the cannon."
Cannon (unblocked)
"Cannon is ready for use. Enter the opening to automatically initiate the firing sequence."
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