Captain A.C. Exeter was the captain of GFMC Task Force Herakles, and squad leader of Force One, which was stationed to guard and repair their warship, the G.F.S. Tyr. During this time, he was informed by SPC B. Reevs that the Splinter hive in proximity was merely one of several on Aether, and started realizing it may have been a bad idea to split up. Although Exeter was mortally wounded when the Ing ambushed the Galactic Federation Marine Corps' landing site, the captain was able to send a distress signal after they left, although it did not make it through, due to heavy magnetic interference caused by the atmosphere of Aether. He also left a message on a data terminal that records what happened during the ambush, but he succumbed to his wounds before he could finish it. Exeter is found with his facemask cracked open, unlike the other soldiers.

When Samus Aran came to the planet, on a mission to investigate the Herakles' disappearance, she discovered the message left by Exeter on the terminal and learnt of his and his Force's fate. Samus found his body slumped against the terminal, and closed his eyes out of respect.

Exeter's second initial was revealed during a cutscene that plays after approaching the body. In addition, SPC F. Triplette seems to call the captain "Ace" in this scene, which could be a reference to his initials, A.C.E.

Official dataEdit

Logbook entryEdit

Captain A.C. Exeter

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Logbook entry

I'm beginning to think it was a real bad idea going down there. Reevs is right, that hive is just one of many. It's stupid to stir a hornet's nest, especially if you plan on sleeping under it.

Final reportEdit

Captain Exeter body

The Captain's body in the GFMC Compound

"Datecycle 07.014.2 (Cosmos)
Final report, GFMC Task Force Herakles.
Exeter, A.C. commanding.
While on patrol in the Dasha system, we engaged an unknown Space Pirate frigate.
The enemy frigate was crippled, and it crashed on the planet Aether.
We followed the Pirates, but our ship was damaged by a storm as we entered Aether's atmosphere.
Heavy magnetic activity during the storm disabled our comm systems.
Upon landing, we split into two units, one to set up an Ops base, the other to repair the ship.
Each unit was doing fine, no problems...
...until they appeared."


  • Even if music is turned off in the game's Options, the music in the report will still play.
  • Aside from Samus, his face is the only human face seen throughout the entire game.
  • Exeter's name in the beta was S. Griffin, and what is PFC L. Brouda's log in the final game was Exeter's in the beta.
  • An unused final line of Exeter's report is present in the game data, which reads "I'm fading's up to you now. Hit 'em where it hurts."