Repair Bay A

Cargo-bay doors are massive hangar doors present on Olympus-class battleships. Unlike most Doors, Samus does not shoot them with her various weapons to open them, but instead uses a Hand Scanner positioned next to these doors.

The doors split apart into four segments from the center when a Hand Scanner is used, and are positioned in an arch that is shaped similarly to a slice of bread. A cross symbol is formed out of the middle, with another cross and an "X" formation in the center. Some doors also come equipped with an extra security lock located at the bottom-center. These doors are one-way only on the G.F.S. Olympus, but two way on the G.F.S. Valhalla. The cargo-bay doors on the Valhalla still function despite the rampant destruction aboard the wrecked battleship.

The dead troopers in Hangar A Access.

These doors are used to access the Olympus Repair Bay Shaft from Repair Bay A, and then Docking Bay 5. In Repair Bay A, a piece of debris from a catwalk above falls in front of the Hand Scanner for the door out, obstructing it. Samus must use her newly-reacquired Missiles to destroy it so that she can use the scanner.

Scans of these doors on the Valhalla refer to them as Hangar doors. In Hangar A Access, two Federation Marine corpses that have been drained of their life energy by Phazon Metroids are found against the door and Hand Scanner leading to the Repair Bay. They were killed as they fought to escape; the soldier on the Hand Scanner is seen with his hands over his head in a desperate attempt to fend off predation.


Docking Bay 5 (G.F.S. Olympus)
"Cargo bay-doors are closed and locked from this side. The nearby control terminal is offline."
(Entered from Repair Bay Shaft)
 "Cargo-bay doors unlocked. Nearby control terminal online. Operate terminal to open."
Repair Bay A
"Cargo-bay doors are shut but unlocked. They are linked to a nearby control terminal."
Docking Bay 5 (G.F.S. Valhalla)
"Hangar doors controlled by nearby terminal. Use the terminal to open the doors."


  • The cargo-bay doors in Docking Bay 5 of the Olympus have an unused scan, suggesting they could have been opened from this side. If a glitch is used to view this scan, the Hand Scanner will reactivate but cannot be used.