Cargo Dock B is a room on Norion. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is a Landing Site. However, Samus cannot land her Gunship here until it has been cleared of all enemies. When she enters the room, the door will lock behind her and the door leading to Generator B will be obstructed by a Phazon Blocker.

Out of it will come numerous Hopping Metroids that Samus must kill. She can call her Gunship in to fire Ship Missiles at the Landing Site to kill them more effectively using Bombing Runs. Once a certain amount of Metroids are destroyed, the growth will explode, revealing puddles of Liquid Phazon and a Multi-Lock Blast Shield.

Connecting rooms[]



Planet Norion
"Though located on the fringe of the Federation, the planet Norion is of great importance. The military maintains a strong presence in this sector, and the base on Norion is often the first line of defense against enemies that operate outside of GF space. Originally a barren orb incapable of sustaining life, a sophisticated terraforming project designed by Aurora Unit 486 has turned Norion into a hardy forest world."
Phazon Mass
"Scans indicate a connection between nearby bioforms and this Phazon mass."
"Terminals are used to access info on ships at this landing site. A power failure has left them offline."
"Monitors are used to display info on any ships currently landed here. They appear to be offline."

Version differences[]

In Metroid Prime Trilogy, the Planet Norion, Hunter Rundas, and Valhalla Incident scans' locations are in different spots, with Planet Norion being at Docking Hub Alpha, Hunter Rundas being at Data Storage A, and Valhalla Incident being at Cargo Dock B instead.