Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma is a room in the Frigate Orpheon at the start of Metroid Prime. The room consists of an incline elevator with a platform at the top and bottom. At the top, an Interface Module must be scanned to open the door to the elevator, and at the bottom, scanning another interface Module activates a Ball Clamp in the center of the room. By rolling into this in Morph Ball, Samus can open the industrial door at the bottom of the shaft proceeding to reactor core access.

During the escape from the frigate, Samus passes over the top of the elevator's roof between Subventilation Shaft Section B and Main Ventilation Shaft Section A. The latter's entrance is sealed off initially by a ventilation cap, which explodes when Samus approaches it. Big doors seal off these entrances after Samus passes through them. After the Frigate crashed, the doors are still there, but powerless. They cannot be reactivated. What's strange is that Main Ventilation Shaft Section A is next to this room, but the various sections of the Main Ventilation Shaft were moved up on top of the Reactor Core after the crash. It is unknown why this is.

The room survived when the Frigate Orpheon crashed into the Tallon Overworld. Like the rest of the crashed frigate, the room has become flooded. The elevator has crashed into the bottom of the shaft and is inoperable, and because it is inoperable, there are now platforms floating throughout the shaft that Samus can use to reach the top. Aqua Reapers attempt to block the way. When Samus reaches the top, there is an explosion, and a dead Space Pirate falls into the water. If Samus manages to shoot the highest Power Conduit from below, before triggering the explosion, the camera's panning will reveal the Pirate to be dead on a platform (which is what explodes). Though most of the room is flooded, the top is not. The door to Deck Beta Transit Hall lost power, and must be powered by three Power Conduits. The first conduit is next to the elevator door slot. The second is on the side of a wall directly above the elevator. The third is to the left of the powerless door.

This is the last room to play the general theme of the Orpheon.

Connecting rooms[]

The bottom of the lift shaft

After crash[]

2 Aqua Reapers
Dead Space Pirate
"Morphology: Space Pirate
Sentient aggressor species well trained in weapon and melee combat. Space Pirates wield Galvanic Accelerator Cannons and forearm-mounted Scythes in combat. This species seeks to become the dominant force in the galaxy, and their technology may help them realize this goal. Ruthless and amoral, the Pirates care little for the cost of their ambition. Only the results matter, and they take these very seriously."


Energy Tank
After the frigate crashed, the elevator itself crashed into the bottom of the room. It holds an Energy Tank that can be accessed by shooting the door of the crashed elevator with a Missile.


Logbook entries[]


Auto Turret

Logbook entry

Subject >> Auto Defense Turret
Use Missiles to break outer casing.

Parasite scanpic.png


Logbook entry

Morphology: Parasite
Interstellar vermin. Travel in swarms.

Indigenous to Tallon IV, a single Parasite is harmless to larger life-forms. However, they tend to travel in large groups, swarming over potential prey. Such swarms can be dangerous.

! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.



First visit

Freight lift

Temporary scan

Access to Deck Gamma approved.
Please step into the hologram.

Temporary scan

Platform active.

Pirate stomach and intestine scanpic.png
Pirate schematics scanpic.png

Space Pirate

Temporary scan

Morphology: Space Pirate
Status >> Death caused by severe lacerations to the abdomen.

Pirate arm cannon scanpic.png
Pirate schematics scanpic.png
Temporary scan

Morphology: Space Pirate
Status >> Minimal injuries assessed.

Use caution. Maximum firepower recommended.

Pirate organ scanpic.png
Pirate scanpic.png
Temporary scan

Morphology: Space Pirate
Status >> Death caused by removal of internal organs.

Clamp door control

Temporary scan

This device does not seem to be functional. There must be something nearby that will turn it on.

Temporary scan

Door lock enabled.
Please insert metallic sphere to open door.

Temporary scan

It looks like a spherical shape would fit into this clamp.


Temporary scan

Entrance to Deck Beta Transit Hall

Temporary scan

This door is tightly sealed and does not appear to be receiving power.

Temporary scan

Energy now flows through a series of locking mechanisms on the door's surface.

An active power line trails away to an open clamp on the floor.

After crash

Crashed elevator
"An Energy Tank lies within this crashed lift. A concussive blast should destroy the lift's door panel."
Powerless door
"This door has no power.
Three nearby Power Conduits must be energized for it to open. Blasts of electrical energy will energize the conduits. The conduits radiate some heat that is invisible in the normal spectrum."


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