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The Cargo Hold (貨物室?)[1] is a room in the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The Cargo Hold is a long hallway, initially filled with large red and blue crates. It has a noticeable blue tint. A staircase is present on the left side, leading up to a door bringing her to the Spaceport. A ledge reachable by Space Jumping from the top of the staircase is located at the base of a secret tunnel with a grate over it, which can be removed with a Bomb.

By the time Samus returns to the room after the events on the BOTTLE SHIP, the crates are missing and the blue tint is gone, the room now having a grey color scheme. It can be presumed the crates were removed by the Galactic Federation Army, or the ringleaders. Their contents are unknown.


This room is two rooms away from the Spaceport where Samus Aran and the 07th Platoon landed. Samus enters this room to investigate the Galactic Federation's presence here and the source of several explosions that she heard. Upon entering the room, a cutscene begins where Samus races into the room, weaving through several stacked crates before SenseMoving out and brandishing her Arm Cannon at a group of soldiers.

One of the soldiers turns out to be Anthony Higgs, Samus's friend, who asks Samus if she remembers him. Samus reflects on him and the nickname he calls her, "Princess", before Anthony states that her "buddy" - her former CO, Adam Malkovich - was also here. Samus muses on her relationship with him and alludes to an incident that drove them apart. Adam asks what she is doing here, and Samus tells him, but he calls her an "outsider" when she presses for details on his team's mission. After this, one of the other soldiers, Lyle places an explosive on the door and the platoon and Samus brace themselves for the explosion.

Samus stands with the troopers.

The explosive is unable to destroy the door. While Lyle proposes using a laser to open it, Anthony explains the situation to Samus before she fires a Missile at the lock, much to Adam's chagrin. The platoon moves ahead, and Samus decides to remain on-site despite Adam not authorizing it. As a sign of respect, she refrains from using her Missiles and Bombs until Adam authorizes their use.

A staircase to her left led to a hallway that brought her to the Spaceport, although on a high ledge inaccessible unless through a Morph Ball tunnel further on into the Main Sector. As well, the door was locked so Samus must use the other method. It was strange to note that after her return to the BOTTLE SHIP, the crates are missing.

Samus visits this room one final time, during the escape sequence at the very end of the game. The floor becomes covered by piles of flaming debris, and the alternate door to the Spaceport is no longer accessible. Two Super Zebesians are present, but Samus is not required to engage them.


Note: "(M)" means this line is part of a monologue.

Anthony: Ah... Fancy meeting you here, Princess. Remember me?

Samus: Anthony...

Samus (M): There's only one person who calls me "Princess." And that person is Anthony Higgs of the Galactic Federation Army.

Anthony: Haven't seen you since that last mission. Hey, and your buddy's here too!

Samus (M): Adam Malkovich. A general in the Galactic Federation Army. Not only a trusted confidant but also my former superior officer. Yes, there was a time when I was enrolled in the Galactic Federation Army. And then I... Well, I was young and inexperienced... As the result of a certain incident, I left Adam's command and set out on my path as a solitary bounty hunter.

Adam: What are you doing here?

Samus (M): The first words out of his mouth were typical, coming from Adam. To answer his question, I recounted the details of what had brought me to this place, and then I asked what circumstances led the Federation here.

Adam: That information is not for an outsider.

Samus (M): The word he so obviously chose, "outsider," pierced my heart.

Lyle: Commander, we're all prepped! [explosive detonates]

Lyle: Ahh. No dice! I think our only option is to use the laser to slowly burn our way through. This is gonna take a while...

Anthony: The electrical system here is out, and we can't get the barrier wall to open. We tried using explosives, but it's tricky to pull off without collateral damage. What we need is some way to focus the power onto one centralized location...

[Samus uses a Missile, Anthony laughs]

Lyle: Let's go.

Anthony: All right. I'm gonna go on ahead.

Samus (M): Adam hadn't authorized it, but I decided to remain on-site for the sake of the others.

Connecting rooms[]


First visit[]

Samus in the Cargo Hold during the escape sequence.

During escape sequence[]


Missile Tank
When Samus returns, she can jump from the staircase with the Space Jump to a ledge containing a Bomb blockage, which leads to a small crate containing a Missile Tank.