Cargo Tram

The Cargo Tram is a cargo transportation vehicle found on Excelcion in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. During the Galactic Federation's use of their mining outpost on Excelcion, the Cargo Trams presumably transported important cargo and materials in the base's day to day operations. However, after the Space Pirates overtook the base, they began to mine minerals from the planet and use the Cargo Tram to bring them to the surface. In M15: Mother Lode, the Federation Force is tasked with securing a Cargo Tram and defending it from an onslaught of attacks by Pirates and Zurburats. The Cargo Tram moves very slowly, and the Force must ensure it reaches their cargo ship on the surface. It has a machine gun mount on it with a slow rate of weapon fire. The tram can be started and stopped at any time.

Mission briefingEdit

"In order to transport the minerals they've been mining, the Space Pirates have set up a route for trams. They load the minerals onto these trams and then bring them up. Your mission is to infiltrate the base, seize control of a tram that's been loaded, and bring it to the surface for transport." - General Alex Miles

Dedicated terminalEdit

Galactic Federation Log: Trams
We've detected small, wild xenoforms within the mines. It's possible that the temperature fluctuations are the cause of this migration. Native xenoforms pose a moderate risk, so defensive armaments have been added to the trams--just to be safe.

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