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The "cargo storage room" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room is set within the Cryosphere's warehouse building, a floor before the Materials Storehouse. To the right of the passage are several large freight containers, colored red, yellow and blue. Their contents are unknown. There is a small gap between the containers and the right wall, in which a Missile Tank can be found. Above the containers are two mechanical claws, presumably for moving them.

The floor on the left side is lined with a black and yellow stripe. On the floor and parts of the walls are clouds of fog. Toward the back of the room is a short staircase and ramp leading up to an exit. To the left is an open, snow-covered floor that leads to the "avalanche room". Samus later escapes the avalanche in that room by Shinesparking through the door back into the storage room.

Samus uses her SenseMove to evade a Zebesian's beam attacks.


Samus first passes through this room when she exits the elevator from the Materials Storehouse, to explore the adjacent room. After stepping into the center of the room, three large, indestructible glass walls rise from the floor and leave Samus trapped. At the same time, three Super Zebesians appear and begin to fire energy beams through the glass at Samus. Since her own shots cannot pass through the glass, Samus is forced to evade their attacks. After about twenty seconds of doing this, Adam contacts her and authorizes her to use the Wave Beam.

Samus! You need a permeating shot effect to get past this! I’m authorizing you to unlock your Wave Beam!


With the Wave Beam now usable, Samus can defeat the Zebesians. When the last one is killed, the camera zooms in on it as it is flung back before exploding. The walls retract and Samus is able to continue to the next room.

Connecting rooms[]

The room is first entered from a Navigation Booth connected to the "Storehouse elevator". It leads from the back into an arcing corridor with several platforms on a slope.



Wave Beam
Authorized by Adam during the battle with the Super Zebesians.
Missile Tank
Hidden behind the crates on the right.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 99
"When you reach the area, several glass walls rise up out of the ground and trap you! With no way to escape, several Zebesians rush the room and begin firing at you through the glass! Dodge their attacks and survive long enough for Adam to authorize the use of the Wave Beam!"
Note:"Not only does the Wave Beam allow you to shoot through glass, it also increases the damage output of your Arm Cannon! Some enemies that once took a few charged shots will now go down with a quick blast!"
Page 100
"Put your new upgrade to use and blast the Zebesians on the other side of the glass until they're vaporized! Now that you have a weapon that can permeate glass, return to the previous room where you picked up the recent Energy Tank."
Missile Tank!:"Before you head back to the room inside the tall structure, take a minute to examine the room you’re in right now. Tucked away in the near-right corner of this room is a Missile Tank. Squeeze in between the crates and the right wall to find it."