The Celestial Archives are the first area explored in the Alimbic Cluster in Metroid Prime Hunters.

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The Celestial Archives are a space station constructed by the Alimbic race to hold the collective knowledge of their species, but in the time since their extinction as a physical species, the Hubs containing this information have been damaged too much for Samus Aran's Scan Visor to be able to read them. The Archives evidently served some purposes aside from information storage however, such as receiving heavy cargo in the Docking Bay and incubating nanorobots in Incubation Vaults 01, 02, and 03.

According to the scans of the Port and Starboard Helms, the Celestial Archives were the source of the message that led the Bounty Hunters to the Alimbic Cluster, although it is unknown why, since Gorea sent the message from captivity. It is possible that Gorea used the station to amplify the message. According to the manual, an "unknown mass" (presumably Gorea) hit the station. This is most likely because, before crashing on Alinos, Gorea could have hit the Archives which are in orbit around Alinos. Due to the crash, the Celestial Archives are severely damaged near the aforementioned docking bays. The Tetra Vista and New Arrival Registration are the best examples of this; their floors and walls have been mostly reduced to fragments, leaving anyone who enters exposed to the cold void of space.

Soon after landing here, Samus Aran encounters her first rival bounty hunter, Kanden, and battles him for an Alimbic Artifact. After defeating Kanden, Samus collects two more artifacts, battles Cretaphid v1, and obtains the first Octolith. While on the way back to her Gunship, she encounters a trio of Guardians in the Helm Room.

Later, after retrieving the Battlehammer from the Vesper Defense Outpost, Samus returns to the Celestial Archives for a second Octolith, this time facing the Slench 3. The Volt Driver, guarded by two Guardians using the Volt Driver, and the Shock Coil can be found here.


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Celestial Archives

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

This space station, in orbit directly above ALINOS, is the primary repository of the combined knowledge of ALIMBIC scholars, scientists, and historians.

Metroid Prime Hunters' manual[]

Celestial Archives
"This space station was badly damaged by an unknown object and is currently in very unstable condition."


When Samus lands on the Celestial Archives, a remix of Shadows from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes plays. The general theme that plays throughout the Celestial Archives is titled The Archives in an unused internal name list. The Pursuit theme is only heard once here, while Samus is chasing Kanden. Lastly, the Space Decay theme is heard in the second half of the Archives, in portions open to space. On Celestial-set multiplayer stages, the Celestial Gateway theme plays instead.


JP Other M Guide 172

Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other M, page 172

  • The Celestial Archives contain the most rooms out of any area in Metroid Prime Hunters.
  • Unlike all other areas, the Celestial Archives contain two major upgrades for Samus to acquire upon her second visit to the space station.
  • The Celestial Archives have the longest Octolith escapes of all the Alimbic territories, being 8:00 to 8:30 respectively.
  • The Celestial Archives are the only Alimbic territory that has several rooms disconnected from the main area according to the territory's map. This leads to the Archives having the most Portals of any area in the game.
  • This station has no Morph Ball mazes; only a few narrow vents are found in the Data Shrines.

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