Central Hive West Transport is a room in Ing Hive from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. This is one of two transports that link the first and second floors of Ing Hive. Instead of an elevator, this transport has a shaft lined with two Wall Jump Surfaces. Both floors of the room have Ingworm Caches around the shaft.

The Aetherian version of this room is Central Area Transport West.


Wall Jump Surface (before obtaining Screw Attack)
"Object analysis complete.
Surface designed to work with an advanced movement system.
Without this system, the surface is inaccessible."
Wall Jump Surface
"System: Wall Jump Surface
Area designed to work with Screw Attack.
Perform Screw Attacks while facing and touching wall to do a Wall Jump."
Ingworm Cache
"The Ingworms wrap their bodies around useful items to protect them. They are defenseless. They are not terribly durable and have no form of attack, hence their assignment as storage bearers by the Horde."

Connecting roomsEdit

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