Central Station Access is a room in the Agon Wastes. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


As the name states, it serves as an entrance to the Central Mining Station. The room is a short corridor with a raised floor in the middle, containing three Space Pirate Crates, two small and one large. At the other side of the room, 2 Pirate Troopers stand guard to the Pirate base, but can easily be destroyed by the Heavy Phazon Canisters beside them.

The Dark Aether version of this room was the Warrior's Walk.

The other part of the room

Connecting rooms[]


Central Station Access as depicted on the Map.

2 Pirate Troopers (one time)
"Morphology: Pirate Trooper
Starfaring brigand.
Aggressive, well-armed bioform trained for combat and conquest. Sworn enemy of Samus Aran."


Space Pirate Crate
"Object scan complete.
This is a Space Pirate Crate.
Space Pirates, strangely, dislike theft. The only way into their crates is through the use of force."
Heavy Phazon Canister
"Structural analysis complete.
This storage unit has been modified to transport radioactive material. Radscans indicate the presence of Phazon energy. Handle with caution."