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The unit's eye.

The Central Unit is a mysterious AI device seen in the upcoming Metroid Dread. It controls "various areas of the planet", including E.M.M.I. Zones (where they are described as "mother computers") and has an eye attached to a mechanical brain. Samus Aran encounters a damaged and fallen Central Unit in Artaria. When she touches the exposed brain, it temporarily transforms her Arm Cannon into the powerful Omega Cannon, allowing her to use the Omega Blaster ability to defeat a single E.M.M.I before deactivating. At some point Samus re-acquires the Omega Cannon from another Central Unit and destroys another E.M.M.I. with the Omega Stream. Samus also encounters an active Central Unit which attempts to attack her with projectiles that resemble Rinkas. Because there are seven E.M.M.I. in Dread, and Central Units control each of their Zones, there may be seven Central Units as well.

A tweet from Nintendo of America says there is "something familiar" about it, followed by a brain emoji.[1] The brain-like nature of the Central Unit suggests a possible connection to Mother Brain, the Aurora Units, or MB. It was possibly inspired by these other supercomputers.



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