Central control tower

Overview of the tower.

The central control tower is a point of interest on Talvania in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is visited in the final mission to the planet, M21: The Core.

Entrance to the central control tower

The tower's entrance.

This tower was built by the machine race that formerly inhabited the planet, and its security system still functions despite its age. The Space Pirates built their third and final Transfer Device within the base of this tower. It is accessed by the Federation Force via zipline. Grim-Class Turrets and Security Bots can be found within the upper portion of the tower. At its heart is a Mainframe, possibly built by the machine race. The Mainframe is faced as a boss, and must be destroyed before the Force can proceed to the Transfer Device below. Once the device is destroyed, the Doomseye is exposed and the mission is complete.

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