Ceremonial Golem

Ceremonial Golems are a type of golem developed by the Reptilicus for use in ceremonies. They are very durable and strong.

Samus encounters one in the Warp Site Alpha room of Bryyo Fire during Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is part of a puzzle. When Samus lays a Bomb in the slot in the Golem's belly, it will be energized and use a battering ram in the room to bang a gong. This reveals a Spinnner that she can use to shift the cage-like enclosing in the room to expose a section of damaged wall. Samus can then lay another Bomb in the golem to make it smash through the wall with the battering ram. This exposes the Warp Site to Bryyo Ice, where Samus had been sent by Aurora Unit 217 to investigate a "Unique Energy Spike", which turns out to be the Screw Attack.

The Ceremonial Golem will lose power after being used the second time, and remain offline permanently.


"Ceremonial Golem appears deteriorated but still functional. A concussive blast may activate it."

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