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The "Ceres confrontation room" is a room on Ceres Space Colony. It appears in Super Metroid and is the last room to be explored on Ceres.


Visually, the room is unremarkable. It is a plain blue room with no visible ceiling and the door is situated on a platform to the left. The door leads back into the "58 Escape hallway", with nothing on the right.

The baby is found on the floor in its capsule, seemingly undisturbed. Samus cannot interact with it. After about nine or ten seconds, Ridley will appear from the darkness, holding the Metroid, and attack Samus. A short battle ensues in which Samus either sustains too much damage and Ridley escapes, or Samus damages Ridley enough that he drops the capsule, but quickly picks it back up. Either way, he escapes afterwards and flees the colony, but not before setting it to self-destruct.


Self destruct sequence activated evacuate colony immediately

—On-screen message

This is one of two rooms on Ceres in Super Metroid to use Mode 7 rendering, the other being the elevator room.

Connecting rooms[]


Other appearances[]

The room also appears in the non-canon Nintendo Power comic based on Super Metroid. Here, the room is much larger and appears to contain the large, broken test tube that the baby's capsule was suspended in, which is found in a separate room in-game. The room also appears to have a ledge with a fence around it, part of which was bent by Ridley, and loose hanging wires.

The battle with Ridley on Ceres is referenced in the introduction cutscene of Super Smash Bros. Melee, which depicts Ridley holding the baby's capsule. In this appearance, he is fought by Samus in a metallic corridor, which may represent this room.