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The "Chacmool room" is a room in Chozodia. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


The aliens have stolen the Power Bombs from the Chozo Ruins.

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide, page 82

This large room is found near the top of Chozodia. It is a two part shaft filled with Chozo relics like flat-sided pillars, murals and blocks in the background, some of them damaged. The room's most notable feature is a unique Chozo Statue that resembles a chacmool, a Mesoamerican statue of a reclining figure. The Chozo appears to be reclining and facing the foreground while holding a Power Bomb Tank on a pedestal.

The lower part of the room is a short shaft entered via a tunnel, with three platforms. The third platform is found directly under the chacmool statue, with a narrow gap that Samus must crawl through. The chacmool and its Power Bomb Tank can be seen above. The upper part of the room, where the chacmool is, continues to the right. A ledge above leads to another gap that Samus must crawl through, and above this is the exit. There is a Bomb Block in the floor directly beside the chacmool, which can be shot or Bombed. Under this is a Pit Block, providing a useful shortcut to the lower part of the chamber.

When Samus enters the higher part of the room via a door in the following shaft, the Power Bomb is gone. As she continues through the room, a Zebesian can be spotted carrying it out. Samus is not able to catch up to it in time or shoot it to recover the item, although she would not be able to use it anyway as she is suitless. After obtaining the Fully Powered Suit, Samus can track down the Zebesian and Power Bomb within the Space Pirate Mother Ship. The same Pirate is seen in "Armory access" bringing it into the adjacent room.

Connecting rooms[]


If the Pirate Alarm System is active when Samus enters this room on the first visit, a Zebesian will follow her in and subsequently lose her when she drops down the access room. It is gone when Samus re-enters the room.