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The "Chainsaw Beam" is a "beam" from Super Metroid that is only obtainable through the exploitation of a glitch, and the combination of the Wave, Spazer, and Plasma Beams.


In order to enable the Chainsaw Beam, the Ice Beam must be disabled, while the others should be enabled. In order to bypass the fact that the Spazer and Plasma Beams cannot be enabled together, the Spazer must be enabled. The player must then go to the Boots section of the Inventory screen and press left and A at the same time; if done correctly, then the Plasma Beam will be enabled alongside the Spazer, the former having a subcategory with only one option in it; VAR.

As long as it's uncharged, the Chainsaw Beam seems to be surprisingly stable. However, its only effect is to destroy Fake Blocks or open Doors immediately in front of Samus. No enemies have ever been damaged with the Chainsaw Beam, and only one example of any range has been noticed: If used in Tourian in the room after the super-sized baby attacks, a block near the center of the room will be hit regardless of where Samus is firing from.

Firing a charged shot or attempting to use a Charged Chainsaw Beam and special Power Bomb attack will crash the game.

Interestingly, the charge of this shot, although it does crash the game, is purple, brown and blue.