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Non-canon warning: This article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of the Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

Charge Bomb prize.

The Charge Bomb is a weapon exclusive to the Metroid Blast attraction in Nintendo Land.


In Metroid Blast, Miis playing as Samus have access to the Charge Bombs as their charge weapon; Miis flying the Gunship use Missiles instead.

Charge Bombs function similar to a combination of the Charge Beam and Power Bomb. By holding down the fire button, Miis can charge up their Arm Cannon to fire the Charge Bomb, which is launched a short distance and is affected by gravity. The Charge Bomb automatically detonates after three seconds, but it can be shot with any weapon (including enemy fire) to detonate immediately. It explodes with a wide blast radius, damaging any enemy or Mii caught in its range. Therefore, it excels in clearing out large swarms of enemies, but is dangerous to use in close quarters.

In Assault Mission, Samus Miis can damage Kraid by launching Charge Bombs into his open mouth. The Ice Charge Shot is a permanent upgrade that replaces Charge Bombs for the duration of that mission. Some Master Rank conditions require Miis to only use Charge Bombs to defeat enemies, while other Master Rank conditions forbid the use of Charge Bombs.

The Charge Bomb is also a prize, which can be randomly unlocked in the Central Tower's pachinko game. It is located in Nintendo Land Plaza near The Mysterious Murasame Castle-related prizes. When interacted with, the Charge Bomb detonates harmlessly and then respawns.

Official data[]

Nintendo Land Plaza[]

"Effective in ground combat, bombs detonate after approximately three seconds. They roll if they hit the ground, making them a little tricky to use. Just keep practicing...from a safe distance."


  • Unlike Bombs in the Metroid series, the Charge Bomb is fired from the Arm Cannon rather than dropped by the Morph Ball.
  • Charging the Arm Cannon to fire concussive weaponry is similar to how Super Missiles are used in the Metroid Prime series. It is also reminiscent of how the Power Bomb functions in Metroid: Other M, where it must be charged before use.