Artwork released with the Metroid Prime Trilogy art booklet.

The Charge Meter (also referred to as the Charge Gauge) is a Heads-Up Display feature in Metroid: Other M. When Samus uses her Charge Beam, the Charge Meter, located under the Energy meter, will increase. When fully charged, the Charge Beam shot can be released.

In Search View, the Charge Meter also increases when charging a Super/Seeker Missile. In Morph Ball mode, the Charge Meter is used for the Power Bomb. A small Power Bomb icon can be seen on the meter to indicate this. If Samus tries to charge a Power Bomb before she self-authorizes them, the meter will stop and fluctuate before it completely fills. The same applies if she tries to fire unauthorized Super Missiles, though the fluctuation process occurs at the beginning.

The Charge Meter takes approximately 3.5 seconds to completely fill. The Accel Charge powerups found throughout Other M decreases the time by 0.5 seconds per Accel Charge. Since there are six Accel Charges throughout the game, the Meter takes 0.5 seconds to completely fill with all Accel Charges acquired. This also affects the charging time of Power Bombs.

Metroid: Other M

A Charge Meter of sorts appeared in the Prime Series, although it was removed in the Wii versions. During Beam charging, a small bar around the Targeting Reticule would increase until fully charged. Artwork released with the Metroid Prime Trilogy art booklet shows a Charge Meter (though spelled as Meeter) attached to Samus's Arm Cannon, as well, though no such mechanism is present in the games. Another Charge Meter is present in Metroid: Zero Mission, when Samus is wearing her Zero Suit. A bar appears below the energy meter, indicating whether or not Samus can fire a fully charged Paralyzer shot. It auto-charges when Samus is not firing. Other M allows for charging the Paralyzer as if Samus was charging a beam, although Accel Charges are incompatible with the Paralyzer.

Metroid Prime Hunters also features a meter for the Boost Charge.

Metroid: Other M manual[]

"If you press and hold the 1 Button until this is full, you can fire Charge Beams and set Power Bombs, for instance."


  • Right after the Goyagma grabs Samus, the charge rate is heavily reduced regardless of how many Accel Charges she has.