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Chisato Morishita is a Japanese actress. She portrayed Zero Suit Samus in the Japanese Metroid: Zero Mission commercial (Morishita had black hair in the commercial when Samus is blonde), where she can be seen crawling through a tunnel holding her Paralyzer. There are several shots fired at her back as she lets out a scream.


In late May 2013, the Metroid Database translated an interview of Morishita done in Famitsu Weekly. The interview, titled "Sneaking Onto the Set" revealed that she was hand-picked by Yoshio Sakamoto to play Samus, finding her to have the character's ferocity. He had her play Metroid Fusion, and she had trouble with the Zazabi boss. Morishita contributed a "Play Diary" to the Metroid Zero Mission Official Site, which was a strategy guide for the first part of Zero Mission (untranslated by the MDb), and also contributed flyers and standees, both signed by her as prizes for their speedrun contest.


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