Chozo glyphs from Metroid Prime

The Chozo language is a written and oral mode of communication often found throughout the Chozo Ruins and elevators in Metroid Prime, and in Chozodia and during the Samus Data Screen in Metroid: Zero Mission. The Zebesian script or writing system appears to be the most common throughout the series, as it's found on Zebes, SR388, and on the sides of Samus's Gunship as seen in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid: Samus Returns, Super Metroid, and Metroid: Other M.

The Zebesian script will appear prior to some in-game text in Other M, and on the Unknown Items Samus Screen data. However, the text in Echoes and Zero Mission differs from the kind found in Prime. One may be Zebesian, while the other may be Tallonian. This may mean that the Chozo have more than one language, or that their language evolved over time.

Runic Symbol concept art

There appears to be Chozo hieroglyphs that are unique to planet ZDR, as such script has never before been seen. Unlike the Zebesian script, which takes a square shape, or the Tallonian script that's more runic in design, the hieroglyphs on ZDR are triangular in shape with dots, lines, or dashes. Whether or not this design appears this way for all hieroglyphs is yet to be seen.

The most well known word in the Chozo language is Metroid, which means "ultimate warrior".

Samus encounters Raven Beak on ZDR during Metroid Dread, who then attacks her. Before he attempts to kill Samus, he utters the words "Hadar Sen Olmen" (translated to "Power is everything."), which Samus recognizes the meaning of and appears unnerved by. He later repeats this phrase when attempting to execute Samus again later on, and again after being transformed into Raven Beak X. In addition, Samus herself is capable of speaking the Chozo language, as evidenced by her replying to Quiet Robe shortly before the latter's death at the hands of a Robot Chozo Soldier.

ZDR Alphabet[]

"Match" being in reference to the characters found in Other M

Chozo alphabet found on ZDR

The characters found on ZDR in Metroid Dread form a full alphabet, and appear to be derived from those found in Other M. They mirror the English alphabet, but have no upper or lower cases.

The characters take the base form of a triangle with various angular runic patterns. When formed into words and sentences, every other character is mirrored vertically, with the first character in a sentence typically pointing down. They can be read and written left-right or top-bottom.

Holographic Chozo text written top-bottom

Characters that appear to be the same as another but flipped horizontally are not the same, but are different letters altogether, such as A/D or F/M.


The first spoken variant of Chozo is heard in Metroid Dread, by Raven Beak, Quiet Robe, and Samus Aran.

This documentation on Chozo phonetics may be incomplete, as the language may contain sounds we have not heard yet. E.g. the letter "J" (as in /dʒ/) has a Chozo equivalent, but is never heard. Other letters like this include "X" and "W", but these can be seen in spelling. In some cases, proper nouns while otherwise spelled the same in Chozo as in English have a slight pronunciation difference when verbally spoken. A notable example being Samus Aran, which is spelled the same in Chozo, yet when spoken is roughly pronounced as "Tamus Arlan."


The following table shows the 21 consonant phonemes heard in the Chozo language. Phonemes marked italic are voiced/lenis.

Labial Dental Alveolar Post-


Palatal Velar Uvular
Plosive p, b t t, d k, g
Nasal m n
Tap/Flap ɾ
Fricative f, v θ s, z ʃ x χ
Approximant l j


The following table shows the 5 vowel phonemes heard in the Chozo language.

Front Central Back
Close i u
Mid e o
Open ä

Phoneme examples[]

The following table shows typical examples of the occurrence of the above phonemes in Chozo words.

Phoneme Chozo English
/p/ ispi[citation needed] body
/b/ bi a/an
/t/ Tebolen extract
/d/ dosh to
/k/ Maukin Mawkin
/g/ gelsu soldiers
/tʃ/ Chozo Chozo
/f/ ferun altar
/v/ vehe[citation needed] listen
/θ/ Mathroid Metroid
/s/ nulis within
/z/ Chozo Chozo
/ʃ/ ashka if
/m/ hama way
/n/ ana I/me
/χ/, /x/ Thoha Thoha
/ɾ/ hadar power
/j/ yoris plan
/l/ ili the
ä ata you
e sen is
i kuni which
o olmen everything
u ura we

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  • There are destructible ornamental frames in Main Docking Access and Landing Access that are etched with "illegible Chozo markings".
  • Samus's Starship in Super Metroid is the first to show a Chozo word or letter with the design of a backwards "C" with a tail hanging out diagonally.
  • It is interesting to note that although the Observatory is a Space Pirate facility, the names of the planets are written in Chozo. According to the Pirate Data entry "Artifact", the Pirates do not know Chozo well enough to meaningfully decipher it.
  • Chozo text appears on several other Space Pirate devices, most notably the mechanical structure within the Monitor Station and the door control switch in the Phendrana Drifts.