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Chozo Chapel of the Elders (チョウゾエルダー大聖堂?)[1] is a theme from Metroid Prime. It was composed by Kenji Yamamoto.


Chozo Chapel of the Elders plays exclusively in the Hall of Elders in the Chozo Ruins, where Samus Aran first encounters a Chozo Ghost and later acquires the Artifact of World. When she steps into the Hall's Missile Station, the theme transitions to General Recharge, and then back when leaving.

Chozo Chapel of the Elders is orchestrated similarly to other Chozo temple themes in the game, such as Chozo Shrine and Ice Chapel, with an ethereal choir melody and ambient synths. It opens with a low male choir, similar to a Gregorian chant, singing part of the melody of the Tallon Overworld theme. It can be heard here: [1]

The opening choir is later heard again without the synth harmonies in Artifact Shrine (Release of the Chozo Ruins Seal), playing as the Artifact Temple statues fire upon Meta Ridley: [2]

The opening choir of Chozo Chapel of the Elders is featured in Metroid: Zero Mission, albeit with lower-fidelity MIDI samples due to the Game Boy Advance's limited soundchip. It can be heard whenever a Chozo Statue gives Samus Aran her next destination: [3] It is heard again in Chozodia, combined with a new musicbox melody as Samus reflects upon her childhood with Old Bird: [4]

The opening choir of Chozo Chapel of the Elders is once again featured in Metroid Prime Pinball, where it plays during the Wall Jump minigame: [5]


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