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And so, to increase my body's ability to adapt to this dangerous world, the Chozo integrated their DNA into mine.

Samus Aran[1]

Samus's body adaptation, as witnessed in the introduction of Metroid: Other M.

Chozo DNA[2], also known as blood of the Chozo[3] and Chozo blood[4], refers to blood that runs through the body of a Chozo. It has been implemented into at least one human, Samus Aran, in order for her body to better adapt to the harsh conditions of Zebes. Without it, she would have to have been confined to Crateria and Brinstar as these were the only areas of Zebes that were habitable to humans. This was done by placing her within a specially-created Body Adaptation Machine. Gray Voice provided his blood for Samus's adaptation, a fact she would not discover for many years.

Samus's Chozo DNA, combined with their intensive training, gives her speed and agility beyond the capability of ordinary humans, and apparently enables her to survive suitless on Zebes and Elysia. She is later integrated with Metroid DNA, giving her the ability to prey upon X Parasites, at the cost of being more susceptible to extreme cold.

In the origin manga, Space Pirates are seen attempting to use these machines to adapt to Zebes, although whether they too used Chozo DNA is unclear.

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