Hall of the Elders Statue NPC!

A Chozo Elder is a Chozo valued for his or her wisdom. They are depicted in a special kind of Chozo Statue, the first of which is seen in the Hall of the Elders of the Chozo Ruins in Metroid Prime. According to Chozo lore, these statues are placed in tombs and shrines to serve as guardians. This statue is gifted with the ability to perform physical movements, namely, throwing a spherical object into a pipe in the ground.

When Samus Aran first encounters the Statue in the Hall of the Elders, its eyes are lit on fire for unknown reasons as a Chozo Ghost appears and attacks Samus. Once the Ghost is defeated, Samus is able to use the Statue to leave the room. Present in the Hall are three Bomb Slots that need to be energized with electricity, ice and fire before being used, and each configures the room by changing the direction of the pipe directly under it, or even by pushing the Statue forward to reveal a White Door. This Statue gifts Samus with the Ice Beam, an Energy Tank and the Artifact of World, indirectly paying homage to the classic Chozo Statues that were seen holding Item Spheres in earlier Metroid games.

Another Elder statue is present in Main Docking Access on SkyTown, Elysia in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Samus must again jump into its hands in Morph Ball form, and use her Hyper Ball ability to destroy several Phazon vines constricting the Statue. Once it is free of its restraints, it releases Samus and sinks into the floor, allowing her to continue on. It can then be seen in its resting place from the other side of the room.


Metroid PrimeEdit

"Identified as statue of a Chozo Elder. According to Chozo lore, these statues served as the watchful guardians of tombs and shrines. Its outstretched hands are empty, as if awaiting an offering."
"Identified as statue of Chozo Elder. Chozo lore indicates these statues protected tombs from evil spirits."

Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionEdit

"Chozo Elder statue appears stuck. Its arm is outstretched as if to accept an offering."