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The "Chozo Ruins main cavern" is a room in the Chozo Ruins area of Crateria. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission, and in Super Metroid as part of the flooded cavern.


Zero Mission[]

Samus jumping off the leftmost platforms.

This is one of the largest rooms on Zebes in the game. It is set within a cave that is open to the sky. In the ground on the left is a small network of tunnels leading to a water-filled hole. Above the surface are pillars of Chozo construction; seven of which contain cylindrical sections with a flat top, which can be stood on. The tops have etchings on their front sides that may represent Chozo script. There are also two larger, wider pillars depicting small, flat-headed Chozo beings. There are two doors to other rooms in Crateria, including a corridor leading directly into Chozodia. These are found within large Chozo busts with their beaks open.

Samus first enters this room via the opening in the top left of the flooded cavern. This brings her to the underground tunnel network, where an inactive Chozo Block prevents Samus from getting to the cavern's surface. This forces her to enter the water-filled hole, where she obtains the Plasma Beam and renders the block destructible. She can then continue from here to the Landing Site, or return to Norfair. Another opening leading to the flooded cavern is found on the right side of the rock, but is guarded by Screw Attack Blocks, which cannot be removed until Samus has the upgrade.

Later, when Samus has acquired the Fully Powered Suit, she can return here for two expansions (see below).

Super Metroid[]

A Tripper.

This room returns in Super Metroid, now without a trace of the Chozo Ruins. It is theorized that the destruction of the Space Pirate Mother Ship obliterated what remained of the Chozo Ruins and unearthed the rest of the Wrecked Ship. It is first explored after Phantoon's defeat, when Samus exits the ship via the top corridor. The room is now much more open, with two doors leading into the Wrecked Ship and thirteen rocky platforms floating in midair, topped with grass. The primary purpose of this room is to provide access to another area of the Wrecked Ship, where Samus finds the Gravity Suit.

The network of tunnels below the ground is still present, now accessible by using Bombs or a Super Missile in the floor to the left. The water-filled hole can still be accessed as well, although it no longer contains any Chozo ruins. If Samus is not careful, she may fall through a Pit Block back into the flooded cavern and need to backtrack to the main cavern via the Wrecked Ship.

Underneath the platforms, a bridge can be seen, with a door into it accessible via the water-filled hole. If it is entered from there, an Hzoomer will appear on top of the bridge; if the Hzoomer's position is approached from above, it is not there.

Connecting rooms[]

In Zero Mission, the room connects via Yellow Hatch to a short corridor leading into Chozodia.

In Super Metroid, the main cavern connects to a Wrecked Ship corridor with a conveyor; a spike-filled corridor in the Wrecked Ship and the Gravity Suit's chamber.



Zero Mission[]

The Super Missile Tank.

Missile Tank
Requires Speed Booster and Power Bombs. Samus must run into this room from the corridor connecting to Chozodia (with the Yellow Hatch) until her Speed Booster charges. She must maintain a charge and drop to the ledge below the door to the Chozodia hall, and then Ballspark to the left. She will blast through the cave wall into an alcove with this Missile Tank. To exit, she can roll over Pit Blocks below.
Super Missile Tank
Requires Speed Booster and Power Bombs. Samus must again build up speed in the Chozodia hall, and return to the main cavern. Once there, she must quickly Space Jump to the ledge above the door with her booster charged, then Shinespark right towards the incline and continue running through a wall of Boost Blocks. The tank is behind the wall.

Super Metroid[]

The first Missile Tank.

Missile Tank
Requires Phantoon to be defeated. Samus must jump on the highest Tripper in the room, and shoot into the rock wall on the left. The tank is inside and can be collected when the Tripper flies in front of it.
Missile Tank
Requires Phantoon to be defeated. Samus must enter the tunnels and roll to the left, through Bomb Blocks, to find this tank on a small pedestal.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

040 HEAD ABOVE GROUND (page 37)
"The power of the unknown item will allow you to shoot or bomb through the large flashing blocks. Roll under the block at the surface and use a bomb to destroy it, then hop across ledges that lead into the Chozo Ruins."
270 UP FOR AIR (page 89)
"Once in Crateria, Space-Jump up through a hole in the ceiling to resurface in the Chozo Ruins. Use the Screw Attack to buzz through a large chunk of rock and take in a breath of fresh air at the surface."
271 missile tank (page 89)
"Open the yellow hatch in the Chozo's beak, jog right to the end of the next corridor, then run left and kneel to stop in the beak. While you're still charged, drop to the natural rock ledge below the beak, roll into ball form and blast off to the left. You'll blaze through blocks and collect a tank."
272 super missile tank (page 89)
"Return to the Chozo's beak, travel right then run left to charge up your booster again. Space-Jump up to within reach of the ledge above the Chozo. Blast off to the right and dash through a barrier to a tank."
273 FIRE DOWN BELOW (page 89)
"Space-Jump left over a series of tall pillars. Drop to the ground and blast through a Chozo Block to reach the underground. If you're low on energy or expendable items, recharge at the Chozo Statue nearby, then roll left and drop into the flooded cavern."
298 BACK TO CHOZODIA (page 95)
"Take the elevator up to Crateria, move to the right and Space-Jump up through a wide-open passage above the water. Continue your Space-Jump until you reach the hatch in the large Chozo sculpture's maw. Run right from there to Chozodia."

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"Samus will have to ride the uppermost Tripper as far as she can to the left. When you get to the rocky wall, crouch down and shoot to reveal the location of a batch of Missiles. Stand on the left edge of the Tripper to be sure to touch the Missiles just before the platform reaches the rocky wall. It's a bit tricky."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

Page 21
"There's some missiles concealed in the rocks up here and to the left, but they're not easy to reach. There's a couple of moving platforms going back and forth. Get onto the top one, edge as far to the left as you can without falling off then crouch down. As you approach the rocks, fire across to reveal the prize, then allow the platform to carry you into the icon, thereby collecting it. If you're not close enough to the left of the platform you may be knocked off by the overhanging rocks before reaching the missiles. If this happens you'll just have to try again!"