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A new ship came! It looks kinda weird...

K-2L children[1]

Chozo Ship

The Chozo Ship docked on K-2L in the Metroid Manga.

The "Chozo Ship"[2] is a spacecraft vessel that the Chozo used to fly to K-2L at the beginning of the Metroid Manga. It is first seen in the panel where Samus learns that they have arrived, and then seen during a conversation between the Chozo and the citizens of K-2L. The last time it is seen is when they leave just before the Space Pirate raid.


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  2. ^ While the Metroid Database translation of Metroid: Volume 1 uses this name, the original dialogue does not seem to reflect this. An alternative translation by Mechadrake instead has the child referring to the Chozo themselves, rather than their ship.