Ancient Chozo Warrior on the Metroid Zero Mission Official Site

The Chozo Soldiers[1][2] (鳥人兵士?),[2] also known as Chozo warriors[3][4][5] (鳥人族の戦士?),[6] are warriors of the Chozo race.


Ancient Chozo warriors were what members of the Chozo used to be before they became more peaceful. The Mawkin tribe retained the position, due to their never giving up on their original war views.

They are first seen in Metroid: Zero Mission concept art on the Official Site and in the Chozo Ice Temple in Metroid Prime as a bust. Some Chozo Soldiers on SR388 can also be seen in the Chozo Memories of Metroid: Samus Returns; in the final memory, one faction from the Mawkin is seen to have killed members of the Thoha Chozo tribe.

In Zero Mission, Samus battles a ghost-like entity called Ruins Test, which represents a Chozo Warrior wearing a seemingly more advanced Varia Suit-shaped armor. The Japanese name for the Ruins Test translates to "God of War." It, along with some other statues, are depicted wearing a skin pouch.

Metroid Dread[]

Chozo Soldiers appear as mini bosses in Metroid Dread. These ones have been infected and copied by X Parasites prior to the events of Samus Returns; they are initially confined to Elun, but spread across ZDR after Raven Beak releases the X to test Samus and awaken her Metroid abilities. Three variants exist: silver, red, and the golden Elite Chozo Soldier.[1]

Chozo Soldiers wield double-ended spears for long-reaching stab and slash attacks. They are extremely agile, allowing them to leap around their arenas and even cling to walls. After taking sufficient damage, the X mutates into a more animalistic form that drips with black slime, loses their eyes, and splits their entire head and neck into a massive maw. This form is slightly faster and more aggressive, as well as being able to release waves of black slime by stabbing the ground with its spear. After being damaged further, a Finish Counter cutscene will ensue where Samus must deflect two of the Chozo Soldier's spear attacks with the Melee Counter before pinning it down, forcing its mouth open, and destroying it with a point-blank Charge Shot. If Samus fails to use the Melee Counter in time, the Chozo Soldier lands its attack and the battle resumes until she has another opportunity to trigger the Finish Counter.

Red Chozo Soldiers and the Elite Chozo Soldier carry collapsible shields in their off hands, allowing them to block damage from the front. When the shield is deployed, Samus must hit the Soldier when it is vulnerable, either from behind or whenever it is attacking. The red Chozo Soldier's shield can also be destroyed with Missiles or instantly shattered by a Shinespark, with the latter also dealing enough damage to immediately trigger the second phase of the battle[7]; however, the Elite's shield is otherwise invulnerable. Alternatively, she can counter the Soldier's charging attack to have an opportunity to destroy the shield; when fighting the Elite Chozo Soldier, the Grapple Beam must be used to pull the shield away. When they mutate, they can no longer shield themselves, but they can cling to the wall and fire streams of black ooze at Samus (often two or three times in a row).

A silver Chozo Soldier fought in Ghavoran appears in the foreground before jumping onto the left wall, and then to the ground. If Samus Shinesparks into the soldier as it is on the wall, a unique animation is triggered where it is knocked off the wall to the floor, and the battle's second phase commences.[8]

The Chozo Soldiers fought in Hanubia can be seen observing Samus in the background of several rooms prior to their battle, including the Shuttle transport station when Samus first arrives.[9] The red Chozo Soldier enters the E.M.M.I. Zone through a window and engages Samus immediately after she destroys E.M.M.I.-07PB, while the Elite Chozo Soldier appears in the "upper shipyard", jumping off a Mawkin ship and then behind an adjacent building, before confronting her just outside the Transport Capsule's room. Both Soldiers also have a slightly altered death cutscene; instead of shooting them in the mouth, Samus keeps them pinned and absorbs their energy with her Metroid powers, causing the Soldier to flail helplessly as it disintegrates to nothing.

Although no Chozo Soldiers are encountered in Cataris, two of their armorsuits are on display in a superheated room in the south of the region.[10] Several Chozo armorsuits are also seen in Elun, where they collapse as Samus proceeds through the dilapidated halls.

The Elite Chozo Soldier in Hanubia.

The Chozo Archives section of the game has several artwork involving the Chozo Soldiers. Aside from one depicting a Chozo Soldier being exposed as an X posing as it in front of Raven Beak, several Chozo Soldiers, including a variant that neglected the top armor while retaining the armor leggings, were shown subduing Corpius at Ghavoran; several Chozo Soldiers attempting to subdue and restrain the Space Pirate commander Kraid at Cataris, with one soldier apparently being sent falling into the lava below; several Chozo Soldiers, alongside Raven Beak, preparing to execute Chozo captives by feeding them to an aquatic beast in Burenia, one even managing to poke one enough to have it start falling towards the pool; and several Chozo Soldiers, including a few Elite Chozo Soldiers, gathering at Hanubia for what was presumably a military parade with fighter jets doing a flyby and the Elites carrying banners.

Robot Chozo Soldiers[]

Main article: Robot Chozo Soldier

Aside from the X-infected "living" Chozo Soldiers, Robot Chozo Soldiers also appear; presumably, these robotic copies are Raven Beak's replacement guards following the loss of his organic troops. They use an electromagnetic blade and an Arm Cannon much like Samus's, and are sometimes fought in pairs. The first Robot Chozo Soldier Samus fights is notable for killing Quiet Robe after he explains Raven Beak's plan to Samus.

Other appearances[]

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Chozo Soldier appears as a Spirit during Spirits of Dread, a Spirit Board Event held during the weekend of Metroid Dread's release. It is an Advanced-class Support Spirit that increases the strength of battering items.

In its Spirit Battle, the Chozo Soldier is represented with three Falco puppet fighters, one using his red alternate costume and two using his black costume. The red Falco is equipped with a Killing Edge and a Back Shield, while the two black Falco minions are each equipped with a Death's Scythe. The battle takes place on Brinstar, with Psycho Bits as the background music.

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Official data[]

Metroid Prime scan[]

"This is a statue depicting the bust of a Chozo warrior. This statue is flawless."

Nintendo UK tweet[]

"Galactic Federation archives indicate the existence of Chozo warriors, a fierce cast of the species. Perhaps the E.M.M.I. aren’t the only threat waiting for Samus in Metroid Dread…"[11][]

"Chozo sightings are typically rare, as the last remaining members of this once-mighty civilization try to keep a low profile. But the Chozo that Samus encounters on ZDR is on the warpath, ready to lay waste to whoever crosses it."

Metroid Dread Report Volume 7: Secrets of the Chozo[]


"Chozo Soldiers are equipped with a weapon that looks like a long spear. The trailer shows they are highly capable fighters, with one scene showing them locked in fierce combat with Samus."


Metroid Dread[]


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