This article is about the structures in the Artifact Temple. For the Chozo Ruins boss called "Chozo Totem" in concept art, see Hive Mecha.
Chozo Totem

A Chozo Totem is one of 12 monolithic structures at the Artifact Temple, arranged in two concentric circles. Some wil provide Samus Aran with Logbook scans for clues to the locations of Chozo Artifacts, with a keyword hinting at the name of the room it is located in. As they are returned, an orange hologram Chozo head will appear on the fulfilled totem, and more clues will be provided. Returning an Artifact to its respective Totem will cause it to hum quietly.

Meta Ridley can destroy these and/or break them in half during his fight with Samus when he attacks, but they will produce pick-up items for her use. Some may survive the encounter and remain standing or halved. It would seem that the Cancerous rock nubs in the Metroid Prime Lair below mirror the totems. It is heavily implied with the Chozo Lore Statuary that his destruction of the totems is what led directly to the Chozo Statues at the Artifact Temple driving Meta Ridley away by firing concentrated beams into his chest after the battle.

In Metroid Prime Pinball, the totems are key to completing the Artifact Temple table. A limited supply of ornate boulders appear that must be knocked into holes in the totems to complete the table.


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