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The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from the game's internal data.

Chozo Zombies[1] are Mawkin Chozo on ZDR who were infected and possessed by X Parasites, mutating into creatures comparable to zombies.


Chozo Zombies shamble around a pool of black sludge, with their bodies appearing to be made of the same material. Similar to the human Zombie Researchers found on the BSL research station, Chozo Zombies appear to be the result of X Parasites reducing their Chozo hosts to a more gelatinous form. The Zombie Researchers were proposed by the Metroid Fusion manual to be X combining humans with the DNA of a slime bioform, and this may also be the case for Chozo Zombies; however, this black ooze is also seen throughout Metroid Dread as X assume the forms of other creatures. Unlike the humans, these mutated Mawkin Chozo retain considerable durability; they are capable of surviving several Super Missiles or direct shots from the fully upgraded Wave Beam.

Elun is full of Chozo Zombies, being the location where the infected Chozo were quarantined. However, other X managed to retain the Chozo's original form, resulting in Chozo Soldiers that initially appear almost indistinguishable from their uninfected counterparts.

In her first encounter with a Chozo Zombie, Samus Aran shoots the zombie to force it to revert back to its X Parasite form. However, the red X immediately dives into the black sludge on the floor and reemerges behind her as a Chozo Zombie, forcing Samus to Flash Shift away from it.

Chozo Zombies only wander around specific sections of floor covered with the black sludge. They can strike Samus if she steps onto the puddle, but cannot exit it to pursue her. Their only attack is a swipe with deceptively long range, making them susceptible to Melee Counters.


  • In the first encounter with a Chozo Zombie, it reverts to a red X when killed. However, if Samus kills it again when gameplay resumes, the parasite released will be yellow.


  1. ^ "Chozo Zombie" is the model's title in Metroid Dread's files.