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Ha ha this is a Chozo weapon that preceded your creation. There shouldn't be any entry about it in your database. It may be a relic from the last century but it is still quite effective.

—Gray Voice

Chozo Battle Suit

The "Chozo battle armor" is an ancient armor suit of Chozo origin, worn by Gray Voice in chapter 4 of Metroid: Volume 2 (11th of the story overall), "Phoenix II". He states that the armor is a century old, predating the creation of Mother Brain. Thus, no information about it exists in her database. The suit is equipped with a staff weapon. Gray Voice confronts Mother Brain while wearing the suit. Despite the mental guard that Gray Voice has as a Chozo, making him incapable of violence, Gray repeatedly strikes the Mother's Control Capsule with the staff after declaring her a "defective product". This demonstrates that the staff is capable of destroying Zebetite, the substance that the capsule is composed of.

However, the mental block causes him excruciating pain. His helmet shatters as well, and Mother Brain recognizes him, realizing that he was working undercover to counter the Space Pirate occupation of Zebes. Knowing that attacking her is causing him to suffer, Mother Brain taunts Gray Voice by saying that he is only hurting himself. Nevertheless, he continues, until Ridley intervenes. Gray then battles him, but loses and is killed.

The suit is primarily metallic in nature, but appears to have muscular, spiked arms similar to that of Samus's Fusion Suit. A knife-like weapon is affixed to the right wrist, although Gray does not use it in the manga.


  • The armor bears a striking similarity to the design of Zebesians in Metroid Fusion, particularly with the ridges on the limbs (which are also visible on the Chozo in Metroid: Zero Mission artwork) and the design of the helmet. It is unknown if this implies any relation between Zebesians and the ancient Chozo.