Cryostasis shutdown complete. Vital signs stable. Activating Varia Suit. Suit diagnostic complete. All systems functional. Command interface enabled. Requesting new heading. Course laid in. Ship reorientation complete. Galactic Federation fighters approaching. Incoming transmission. Engines engaged.

—Chozo biotech computer at the beginning of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Chozo biotech computer.png

The Chozo biotech computer is a semi-sentient AI stored within Samus Aran's Gunship in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It controls the Gunship and can interface with Samus through her Command Visor, allowing her to command the Gunship to land, collect heavy cargo or perform a Bombing Run. It speaks with a female voice at several points during the game, such as when Samus awakens from cryostasis. When Samus enters permanent Hypermode on Phaaze, the computer will say "Invalid command" if she tries to enter her ship, as the corruption has altered her DNA to the point where the ship fails to recognize her as its owner.

The computer's voice was different in an earlier version of Corruption.[1]

The Suit Voice in other games plays a similar role.

SkyTown, Elysia[]

After Samus cures Aurora Unit 217 on SkyTown, Elysia and returns to Barracks Lift, the Chozo biotech computer will contact her with a warning that an unknown entity is approaching, and a hull lockdown is being commenced:

Ship status alert. Unknown entity approaching. Commencing hull lockdown.

As she reaches the Arrival Station, the computer will report that the ship is being heavily damaged. Loud explosive sounds can be heard against the computer's voice:

Ship priority status alert. Hull armor taking damage.

Samus gets closer to the Main Docking Bay where her ship is docked, and receives a final message from the computer:

Ship priority status alert. Warning. Hull integrity is compromised. Armor damage is critical.

Samus reaches the Main Docking Bay and discovers that her ship is under attack from none other than Ghor. She sends her ship away until after she defeats him. When it returns, the ship is too damaged to fly and begins auto-repair functions. After these repairs are complete (about when Samus returns to the Spire Dock), the computer contacts her again:

Ship status update. Autorepair functions complete. Ship is ready for use.


If Samus attempts to board her ship after being exposed to Phaaze's atmosphere and becoming almost completely corrupted, the ship will refuse to allow her access, because it doesn't recognize her anymore:

Invalid command. Phazon corruption levels at critical. Unable to use ship.