UMS 10

The Chozo bust of the unnamed Chozo just above the blue dot, which is Samus.

Chozo head statue training chamber

A Chozo bust in the Training Chamber.

Chozo busts appear in the Chozo Ruins and the Chozo Ice Temple in Metroid Prime, and on SkyTown, Elysia in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They depict the head of a Chozo and honor them.

In the Chozo Ice Temple, the busts represent Chozo architects, philosophers, warriors and shamans, with the shaman being made of Brinstone and vulnerable to Missiles. Throughout SkyTown there are several busts with GF Database files, depicting the likenesses of Ou-Qua, Dryn and the Chozo Searcher. There is also a bust that has deteriorated beyond recognition in Transit Hub; the bust is just above the impact point after the first Kinetic Orb Cannon. It has no known GF Database file, and the name of this Chozo, like The Searcher's, is unknown.


Chozo architect/philosopher/warrior
"This is a statue depicting the bust of a Chozo*. This statue is flawless."
Chozo shaman
"This is a statue depicting the bust of a Chozo shaman. Several stress fractures can be seen running along the surface of this Brinstone object."
"GF Database accessed. File ST-413. Chozo bust represents Ou-Qua, a key architect in SkyTown's creation."
"GF Database accessed. File ST-428. Chozo bust represents Dryn, a key scientist in Power Suit technology."
Chozo Searcher
"Sculpture represents the Searcher, who once studied the cosmos from here centuries ago."
Unnamed Chozo (Transit Hub)
"Chozo bust has deteriorated beyond recognition. Unable to reference GF Database Files."

*Scan states Chozo profession after the word, 'Chozo', depending on which bust is scanned.