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Hadar Sen Olmen

—"Chozo general"

The "Chozo general" is a currently unnamed Chozo character. They were first introduced in Chozo Memories unlockable in Metroid: Samus Returns, and will appear as an antagonist in Metroid Dread. Little is known about this character and their intentions.


Metroid: Samus Returns[]

This character appears in the tenth and eleventh Chozo Memories in the game. The eleventh Memory only unlocks if all items have been acquired on the save file, at which point it will appear when the tenth Memory is selected.

In Memory 10/11, the character is shown to be speaking with six Chozo colony overseers on the surface of SR388. A starship and a battalion of Chozo warriors can be seen behind them. The overseers appear to be welcoming the figure to the planet and/or asking for help against the Metroids, with the "elderly Chozo" reaching out with their arms in beseechment. In Memory 11/11, the Chozo colonists are shown to have been brutally murdered with their smoking corpses laying on the ground, while this character is turned towards the battalion, their arm outstretched while issuing an order. Their right arm is shown to bear a smoking Arm Cannon like Samus Aran's, suggesting they took part in the slaughter. The warriors are unfazed by what they have seen.

What the images are depicting has not been clarified, but they indicate that this character was responsible for the final downfall of the Chozo civilization on SR388. If true, then the motivation for the murders is unknown. The producer of Samus Returns, Yoshio Sakamoto, implied to Hobby Consolas that this would be explained in a future Metroid title.[1]

Metroid Dread[]

Samus's first confrontation with the general.

Samus Aran encounters the general shortly after arriving in Artaria, and is bested by it in a hand-to-hand battle. The battle also destroys the elevator back to the surface, effectively trapping Samus underground. The general is the reason for her loss of suit upgrades. The general also mutters the words Hadar Sen Olmen, a phrase which Samus recognizes and is unnerved by. These words are also written in a Chozo alphabet on his cloak and on a mural.

The character is depicted in hieroglyphs, in which they are depicted giving an order to soldiers. Samus comes across them at some point in the game - potentially even before encountering the general in the flesh - and meets another surviving Chozo that appears benevolent.

Physical appearance[]

The character wears an ornate headpiece, draping cloak, and a plating-covered arm. It has this appearance in both Samus Returns and Dread, although a primary difference is that in Samus Returns, he wore a gold set of armor with blue robes, while in Dread he wore primarily silver armor with a red fabric resembling ceremonial scarves. The armor, particularly the torso, strongly resembles that of the Varia Suit, and it also utilizes an Arm Cannon similar to that of Samus. As a result of the character's first battle with Samus, it has a scar on its right eye, which Samus caused with a Super Missile hit. It is also shown to have an extremely tall appearance, being at least three times Samus's height, and both the hieroglyphs and the Dread version of Chozo Memory 10/11 imply the character to be tall even by Chozo standards.

Official data[]

Nintendo tweets[]

Nintendo of America
"A mysterious figure has got a fierce bone to pick with Samus. What appears to be a Chozo, a species said to be peaceful but now rarely seen, doesn’t appear so peaceful here. The reason they’re attacking Samus remains a mystery… #MetroidDread"[2]
"Still thinking of Samus’ encounter with this Chozo warrior… #MetroidDread"[3]
Nintendo UK
"As Samus reaches the depths of planet ZDR, a mysterious figure attacks. It looks like a Chozo, but the rarely-seen race are supposedly peaceful…so why are they after Samus? #MetroidDread"[4]
Nintendo of Europe
"The mysterious Chozo that attacks Samus as #MetroidDread begins is far bigger and stronger than her, and also wears a similar Arm Cannon. How will Samus overcome this powerful foe?"[5]

Metroid Dread Report[]

A Mysterious Opponent (Volume 7)
"A powerful and mysterious Chozo warrior suddenly attacks Samus. Its right arm is equipped with an Arm Cannon, just like Samus. This figure is much larger than Samus and other Chozo Soldiers, and it easily overpowers Samus in combat ."



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