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The "Chozo reliquary" is a small room in the Chozo Ruins of Crateria. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


This is a small room accessible via a hidden entrance in a shaft with a tall Chozo structure. The room is made entirely of Chozo architecture, including gold-hued walls, ceiling and floor. These are divided into sectioned, rectangular tiles, some of which display Chozo faces. Other bricks feature repeating Chozo script with characters that resemble the letters "INUO". In the background are dark blue tiles with ornate square and line patterns.

The most notable feature in the room is a massive, unique Chozo Statue that holds the Power Grip. The statue faces the screen, as opposed to the standard Chozo Statues that are seated in a position facing left or right. This Chozo is shown to be wearing a skin pouch, shoulder pads resembling that of the Varia Suit, and a loincloth while in a hunched over position on a throne. It also has red eyes. Two of the same statues appear damaged in the shaft that leads to the reliquary. Unlike other items, the Power Grip is not encased in an Item Sphere and instead floats in the statue's hands with a green glow. Once the Power Grip is collected, Samus can leave. While it is possible to revisit this room later in the mission, there is little reason to.

This room does not exist in Metroid, of which Zero Mission is a remake. It is absent from Super Metroid as well. This may support the notion that the Chozo Ruins were destroyed when the Space Pirate Mother Ship exploded.

Connecting rooms[]


Power Grip
In plain sight.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Power Grip (page 37)
"Climb into the hole in the wall and use bombs to break through a narrow passage that leads left. You'll discover the Power Grip upgrade in the hands of a very large Chozo Statue."