Chozodia was the main Chozo temple on the planet Zebes, and was likely used for many Chozo rituals and ceremonies. After the Zebesian Space Pirates attacked and forced the Chozo to abandon the planet, Chozodia was left in ruins and seemingly remained undisturbed by any sentient beings for some time.

When Samus Aran returned to the planet to destroy Mother Brain, Ridley landed the Space Pirate Mother Ship near Chozodia before leaving for his lair. Some time later, the Pirates connected their ship to the Chozo ruins with a glass bridge, and began excavating the temple as well as installing searchlights and floating-eye sensors to catch possible intruders. Samus was later forced to explore Chozodia after she was shot down by Space Pirates. The area also contains segments of the Wrecked Ship, though it is only during the events of Super Metroid in which Samus will be able to fully explore it; other than this, the rest of the area has only appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission.

Scattered throughout Chozodia are copious amounts of hieroglyphs, and carvings of Chozo (including one that attacks Samus) similar to the designs of the ancient Egyptian civilization on Earth. The Power Bomb upgrade was located in this area prior to its theft by a Space Pirate. The Chozo Statue holding the upgrade was very similar to Chac Mool, an ancient Mayan statue holding a plate on its hands.



Power UpsEdit

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  • A remix of the Super Metroid Wrecked Ship theme is heard near the beginning of Chozodia when Samus first enters the Space Pirate Mother Ship with only her Zero Suit. A different version of the same theme can also be heard in the same game during the underground sections of Crateria. Interestingly, neither of these themes play when Samus explores the Wrecked Ship itself present in Chozodia.
  • Chozodia has a destructible glass tube separating Samus from other areas of Zebes. Maridia on her second visit to Zebes would later have a similar tube.
  • At first sight, it would appear that the Space Pirate Mother Ship, becomes the Wrecked Ship. However, one theory suggests the Mothership becomes the region of Maridia, due to the unreachability before Super Metroid, and the striking similarities between the ship and the region (Examples: Botwoon's room has a Save Station before it, same as the Ridley Robot's. There's a broken pipe, referencing the pipe Samus can Power Bomb in Zero Mission).
  • Upon gaining the Fully Powered Suit, a fast-paced remix of the Brinstar theme is played. It is not in the Sound Test in the Extras menu.