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"Chozodia's fork" is a room in Chozodia. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


This room is larger than it initially appears. It comprises both a short shaft and an upper corridor, which cannot be accessed on the first visit. As is typical of other rooms in Chozodia, the background of this room features tall green columns, Chozo murals and two rows of blocks attached to the columns. These bear Chozo faces, with the higher of the two slightly more to the left over the lower group of three. The middle and rightmost blocks of the second row are composed of Pit Blocks. Between the block rows are a shutter which activates if the Pirate Alarm System is active.

Samus enters this room while proceeding through Chozodia to the top of the ruins. Depending on whether she was detected in the previous room, she may be chased into here by a Zebesian, activating the shutter. However, it is of no concern to Samus as it only extends between two rows of blocks, some of which Samus can fall through, and there is a gap between the blocks and left wall that Samus can drop down. The exit is on the lower right.

Later, when Samus enters Chozodia through a corridor from Crateria, she will re-enter this room from the upper half. It is initially a long path that ends in a short drop. Here, Samus can fire at a Missile Block in the left wall to find a Power Bomb Tank, and then fire a Missile at another block the bottom right corner to expose a Secret Passage. Rolling through it in her Morph Ball, Samus can lay a Power Bomb to destroy a block and enter the fork shaft, then continue exploring.

Connecting rooms[]


If the alarm is active, a Zebesian will follow Samus into this room during the stealth sequence. Three will be in this room after the Fully Powered Suit is obtained, with a fourth entering once Samus is detected.


Chozodia Power Bomb Tank 5.gif
Power Bomb Tank
Requires Fully Powered Suit and Power Bombs. See above.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

229 power bomb tank (pg. 95)
"Run right from the lower-left entrance, drop into a small alcove and fire a missile toward the left wall to gain access to a Power Bomb Tank."
"Blast a block in the alcove's lower-right corner with a missile. Drop into the hole, roll to the left then use a Power Bomb to break into the next room. Drop and run to the right."