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The "Chozodia lava pool" is a room in Chozodia. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission. It did not exist in the original Metroid.


This room exists near the center right side of the Chozo ruins. It cannot be accessed until after the Ruins Test battle, because its only entrance is barricaded by Screw Attack Blocks at the base of a shaft Samus runs through without her Power Suit. If the Screw Attack is skipped on a Low Percent Run, the barricade can be bypassed by Bombing part of the floor at the base of that shaft and rolling through a tunnel underneath the blockage.

The pool is a large room containing the only presence of lava outside of Norfair during Zero Mission. When Samus enters, a floor is present above the lava. She can destroy it using her Screw Attack, or Bomb through a lone block on the left, to drop into the lava. The pool is divided almost in half by a large stalactite-like overhang from the ceiling. On the overhang's other side (left) is a notch in the wall and a ledge, which Samus can use to climb out of the pool. Curiously, there are Chozo hieroglyphs on the wall in the background, even in the lava, and these do not appear to have suffered any damage from its exposure to the substance.

Samus jumping out of the lava.

A tunnel on the lower right leads into an alcove out of the lava, containing a Super Missile Tank. Otherwise, Samus is free to continue out of the pool and down a drop in front of a tunnel out of the room. This tunnel ends in a Pit Block in a shaft that Samus explored previously, and is a one-way exit.

Connecting rooms[]



Super Missile Tank
See above.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

239 super missile tank (pg. 83)
"By using a bomb or the Screw Attack, you can gain access to a lava pool. Drop to the bottom of the pool, run to the right and explore a tight passage that leads to a Super Missile Tank."
240 FLY OUT OF THE FIRE (pg. 83)
"Use the Space Jump to emerge from the left side of the lava pool. Run left, drop, and climb into a tunnel that leads to the middle of the ruins."